Jumbled Words.

A note: I’m writing this just as a train of thought. I had some bad news today. That’s what this is about, it might not make sense, it might make perfect sense. It might be exactly what you’re feeling right now, it might not be. But if you do take the time to read it, I hope it does something for you, even if it just wastes five minutes of your time.

In the end, there were no jumbled words. No tilting world or shifting view of perspective. No tears either, but they would come.

It’s always supposed to happen that bad news hits you like a train. You collapse, you sob, maybe you even punch something. Or maybe you’re stoic, firm shoulder and head held high, the only outward sign; a clenching fist.

In real life, there’s all sorts of actions and reactions. You smile, you cry, you wait until you get home and then your curl in a ball around the cat and stare at the TV for five hours. Movies never get it right because there are so many ways to say something with actions.

Bad news always comes with one thing. Words. A sympathetic voice, a hand on your shoulder, a ‘is there anyone we can call?’

Not this time.

The worst part is when you knew. The doctor is just confirming what your body has already known. That gut feeling when you open the door and the police are there, hat in hand. You answer the phone and you already know what they’re going to say.

There are so many signs in this world, many of them that we don’t even know we’re reading, from other people, from the universe itself.

Bad news is just jumbled words. And sometimes, you’ve already worked out the meaning.

Jumbled Words.


So I’ve just found out about a thing called Blogging from A to Z, where each day in April (except Sundays) you have to write a post based on a letter of the alphabet. It can be anything, be in a story, a review, a photo, poetry, a recipe, whatever your blog is about basically. Now I’m considering doing it, especially with this blog because I want to get back into writing, I was really lax about it last year and I don’t want this year to be the same.

It sounds like a good challenge really, and I know a lot of people have taken part. Of course, by the time April rolls around I need to remember that I’ve decided to do it! Is anyone else taking part? I’d love to know some of your ideas.

I’m thinking that I will theme my alphabet, maybe to something for a future story, or perhaps I will choose names and create a character or place for each name. Something to help with world building for future stories. There’s a lot of options, I just need to narrow them all down! And I want to make a plan so that I have something to stick to, and something to work towards. Goals!

We’ll see how it goes…