Y is for Yak


The penultimate A to Z blog entry! This has been written for part of the A to Z April blogging challenge, if you’re only just hearing about it please visit their website to find out more!

The snow had fallen deeply this year. It filled the fields below and covered every mountain path. It was only through instinct and ingrained knowledge of the hills around that the heard was still trudging safely through the region.

Leading the heard were the older yak, mothers and grandmothers that had grown into their leadership roles. Their horns had grown long and sharp, with them they sliced through the snow drifts, clearing the path for the others. Far behind, at the back, were the young ones, still in their first years their horns were small and soft. They each nudged each other, shuffling and murmuring.

One in particular surged forward, driving their horns into the snow. It wiggled for a second, its hooves digging in. It was stuck.

“Maaa! Jebs is stuck!” called one of the yaks watching the struggling Jebs. There was a sigh from further in front. One of the Yaks at the back of the group turned around heading straight for the squirming kid.

“Jebs! How many times have I told you not to try this until you’re Merta’s age?” she asked. Her hooves dug into the trampled snow, and with a mighty shove pushed him free of the snow.

“Yeah Jebs! You’re too young!” trumpeted Merta, she danced circles around him laughing. The baby yaks behind laughed with her. It took only a second but with a good push Jebs saw to it that Merta was introduced to a snow float bottom first. The others laughed all the louder as she struggled to push herself back up. Their mother tutted, helping her to stand.

“Merta,” she chided, “what have I told you about teasing your brother? And Jebs, no pushing!” She stood them side by side and made them march in front of her. The others continued to frolic behind, carefree until their mothers came for them too.

Y is for Yak

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