X is for Xenops


One of the last letters to be written for the A to Z blogging challenge. Please visit the website in the link to support every blogger who is still posting! This post is about a type of bird called a Xenops, while it’s not endangered, it’s certainly not well known so I hope I will be forgiven for including this in my list.

It happened slowly, with no real distinction between the river band and the forest proper it was difficult to tell when the river finally overflowed. But they had thought of that. A few yards back from the churning water brave pixies stood waiting for it. Then as soon as it swirled around their ankles they were jumping onto their steeds. Small brown birds with dappled feathers than spun and twisted through the air.

The xenops’ calls were distinctive and loud in the quiet night air. Almost immediately there was a flurry of movement below. All types of animals mixed together, lizards riding on monkeys and birds swooping to pick up mice. No thought of prey or hunger. Under the pixies watch everyone was equal and all were saved. Even the Xenops carried animals. The pixies had made tiny baskets for small animals like ants to climb into, ensuring that they wouldn’t be left behind as the murky water covered the forest floor.

The teams worked all night, no pixie nor bird pausing to rest until all that could be saved had been. By the time dawn broke on the horizon much of the forest had been lost to the river and its streams. But many animals had been saved too, placed on high land or in trees. Finally they could stop.

The birds landed heavily on branches, taking time to put feathers to right and rest their wings. Meanwhile the pixies jumped back and forth between trees, trading stories of the most daring rescues and the fastest birds.

It was easy to see that the plans had been successful, and that a partnership between the two creatures was as successful as ever.

X is for Xenops

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