W is for Water Dragon


Written for part of the A to Z blogging challenge. I’m also, once more, a day late, but don’t worry, I’m still striving to finish on time! This one is short but hopefully amusing.

Huge amber eyes peered down at the small, trembling lizard below it. The creature snorted, and plumes of thick black smoke flared from its nostrils, spiralling lazily upwards in the afternoon sun. Cautiously the lizard flicked out its tongue, tasting the air. There was the sharp scrape of claw on fragile stone as the creature adjusted itself.

“So this is what the great dragon name has become? My ancestor’s legacy has been reduced to a tiny reptile that can hold its breath for a while,” said the creature.

“Ah, don’t worry about it, Martuse,” replied a small human, patting the beefy leg he was leaning against. The dragon’s giant head swung round so that he could see the human out of one eye.

“At least your descendants have learnt how to think,” Its head swung back to the lizard, which was hastily scampering off the rock, “That creature has yet to realise it is a being.”

There was silence, disturbed only by the sounds of the forest and the water as it gurgled past them. Then, with a plop, the lizard vanished into the river to hide.

This seemed to be the undoing of the man as he burst into giggles, heedless of the angry glare being sent his way. Deep in the river the lizard swam as fast as it could from the giant paws that churned the riverbed.

W is for Water Dragon

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