U is for Umbrellabird


So I’m posting this late because I started my new job yesterday! Once I came home I simply couldn’t bring myself to even turn the laptop on, never mind write a short story. I can only apologise and post today. I’m writing this as part of the A to Z blogging challenge, if you’re interesting in finding out more or looking at some other blogs that are participating please go here.

The forest was alive with their calls, each trying to outdo the other. They were the strangest birds she had ever seen. Each bird had a large Mohawk type crest over their heads, full black feathers that hung right over their beak. However, that wasn’t what had the team laughing hysterically. That was all thanks to the large pouch the birds had hanging from their chests.

At first they had thought the bird had a deformity, but more and more gathered in the trees around, each one with a long tubular bit dangling from their tiny bodies. And then one of them had chirped. The tube had expanded, the feathers puffing out and forming a strange, almost pine-cone shape. On the small bodies of the birds it looked ridiculous. For a moment she was worried it was going to drag the bird of the branch.

The tiny raven creatures danced around the branches, talking to each other, mindless of their extremity.

“I wonder what it’s for?” one of the men asked.

“Possibly to help with mating? It’s the season for it, maybe the bigger the dangly bit the more attention the females give him,” her friend nudged her and winked. Martha scoffed.

“It is for mating but it’s to make their called louder. Not for any of your lewd suggestions,” she told them. Around her the crew were snapping away, taking pictures and videos. They needed all the record they could get of the birds. The solitary animals were becoming harder to find outside of mating season, especially with the deforestation happening at the base of the mountains.

She took her own camera out, this one for a personal picture. She loved her job and the travelling, but she loved showing her daughter where she had been and what she had seen even more.


U is for Umbrellabird

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