P is for Purple Emperor


Today’s A to Z challenge is about the Purple Emperor, a purple-blue butterfly. If you’re interested in finding out more about the A to Z challenge or the competitors who are taking part please go here.

The sun was warm on his wings, a gentle breeze filtering through the leaves, filling the air with a soft rusting sound. Lazily he flicked his wings open and closed. Today was a good day, he thought, his eyes drooping shut. Here in the canopy of the trees he had no worries of birds or frogs. He had recently eaten, so his stomach was full, and as a result he was finding it hard to resist the temptation of a small afternoon nap. He flicked his wings again.

“Ahem!” There was a distinctive female voice behind him, politely announcing her presence. His eyes shot open and he launched into the air, spinning around.

“Hello,” he said, admiring the wing span of the lady before him.

“I am sorry to barge in like this,” she tapped a foot against his leaf, “but your wings caught my eye and I simply had to introduce myself.” He landed a little way from her. Self-consciously folding his wings, hiding the delicate purple.

“You must be new to the area,” he said, “I know most of the girls around here.”

“My aunt used to have the north section. But she passed a few days ago and I inherited it,” she told him. He nodded politely; he had known her aunt in the north well. Word had spread quickly of the raven that had gotten her. A sad day. “I was wondering about the purple.” She added, flitting around him so quickly he didn’t have time to move before she was peering at his wings.

“All boys have it. It’s a boy thing.” His wings twitched in agitation; unfortunately he wasn’t all that good with women. It was one of the reasons why he liked his area. They left him be.

“It’s beautiful. I’m Carmilla,” she said, finally moving round.

“Er, Ralph,” He wiped his front legs together. She smiled kindly at him and he felt his heart skip a beat. This was whole new area for him.

P is for Purple Emperor

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