O is for Olm


The next instalment of the blogging from A to Z challenge is here! Today its animals beginning with O. And I would like to introduce you all to the Olm, an underwater cave dwelling amphibian, similar to a salamander. If you’re interested I urge you to google them, they are one of the strangest creatures I’ve ever seen! Finally, I will apologise for this being so short, however I had challenged myself to write about the Olm’s two strongest senses and found myself struggling. Trying to write a story without the use of sight was quite challenging for me, and it is something I look forward to attempting in the future, just, maybe with an animal I am more familiar with!

‘The most notable feature of the olm is the fact that it is blind as it’s eyes are not properly developed and instead it must rely on incredible hearing and smell to understand it’s surroundings.’ – http://a-z-animals.com/animals/olm/

What was that?

Oh, it was just Gerald, out for a morning swim. The water lapping at the ceiling of the cave. A few fish darting back and forth. The sea, way out at the mouth of the cave, roaring as waves swept back and forth. The distant call of a bird. A crab walking along the sea bed. Some animal scraping away the sea bed to make a burrow.

What is that?

Just Ann, freshly out of the water. The salt of the sea. Bird droppings, pungent and invasive, suggesting they were nearby. Fresh blood in the water, another animal dead. A cool metallic trace from the rocks at the bottom of the cave.  The release of bowls. Other Olms collected around me. There! Right there! The heady scent of food.

O is for Olm

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