L is for Little Penguin


So the Little Penguin is the smallest penguin, and they’re also endangered, which is really sad. I thought I’d write about them because they are so so small that I couldn’t imagine them being threatening to anyone, let alone predators. I also couldn’t find anything that told me how they make themselves look threatening so I took creative licence and assumed that it was the same way other birds do, by fluffing their feathers to make themselves look larger. This is part of the A to Z blogging challenge, if you’d like more information please go to their website.

“Oh Mommy! Mommy look! They’re so small!” The girl laughed, pressing closer to the glass. Her mother smiled down, stroking her hair.

“That’s why they’re called Little Penguins,” her mother said.

Inside the enclosure, behind the large glass wall the penguins continued about their business. Diving into the pool or sliding around on their bellies. Two penguins stood back from the others. One seemed to be repeatedly puffing itself up, making it appear larger, though to the little girl it also made the penguin cuter.

“Is she scared? Screaming in terror? Is it working?” asked the penguin. The one stood next to him turned its head slightly, looking towards the glass.

“Nah, mate, she’s still laughing.”

“I don’t understand! It worked on that damn cat the other week,” he shook his feathers, flattening them against his body once more.

“Maybe it’s ‘cos she’s already so huge, mate,” the other penguin said, patting him with his fin, the first penguin slumped. “Come on, there’s some fish in the pool.”

Together the two penguins slid towards the water, diving in effortlessly. Luckily neither of them heard the girl squeal with delight. That, surely, would have been the final straw.

L is for Little Penguin

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