K is for Komodo Dragon


Another late post, I’m getting good at these (much to my horror). This is the K in my A to Z challenge, if you’d like to find out more go to the website here.

With a flick of his tail Dragon pounced. Sharp claws dug into the soft flesh of his prey, teeth penetrating the muscles of its neck. The prey flinched and bucked, managing to shake him off. Then it was running, soon it had gained some distance. Dragon followed, his tongue flicking in and out, keeping the scent fresh in his mind.

Really, he pitied the prey. The idea that it could get away, that it would survive. Dragon was old now, not a quick as he had been in his prime, and his left hip could give him some gip, but with age had come patience. As well as an extremely potent venom.

Ahead he could see the prey stumble; its legs were starting to go. The venom was flowing through its blood, its heart pumping it faster and faster as panic took over. It tumbled and didn’t get back up. The poor thing was dead before Dragon even got there.

He felt no sorrow however; it was simply how things worked. Kill or be killed. Today, it just so happened that Dragon was hungry. He ripped a chunk from his prey and swallowed it. He would not apologise for his hunger.

K is for Komodo Dragon

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