I is for Ibis


I’m early today! A small celebration considering I’m now running a day behind thanks to missing one earlier. Never mind though, today’s A to Z blogging challenge is the letter I.

I wanted to write about a bird for once, it seemed like it was time. I found a really interesting legend from Native American folklore that the Ibis is the last to seek shelter before a hurricane, and the first to emerge afterwards, so I thought I’d write something about that.

A storm was coming, it was clear to tell by the overcast sky and distant rumbling. The family remained outside however, pipe smoke curling in the shelter of their doorway. The children were excited, darting out and braving the strong wind, daring the sky to release the rain. The oldest family member, a man with eyes the colour of deep water, remained still. The parents tutted and called out to the children. They paid the adults no mind, splashing into the shallows of the river.

They disturbed long legged wading birds, one of the few animals still remaining out. Others had already sought shelter in their burrows or trees. Howling wind picked leaves and debris from the ground as finally, finally, the rain came down. With the first few drops the birds took to the air. They circled and spun in the wind, gaining height until they dropped suddenly, finding their own perfect shelter.

The man stirred, tapping his pipe on the ground and standing on the ashes. The parents followed his lead, rising with him.

“Call for the kids. It’s time we seek our own shelter,” with that he vanished inside, the rest of his family following him. They hid in the storm shelter beneath their house, waiting for the bird song to resume. Nature’s call that the storm was over.

I is for Ibis

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