H is for Honey Bee


I know Honey Bees are a pretty well-known species, so this breaks my theme of looking for more unusual animals. However, they fit in with the ‘endangered’ theme I have going sometimes. Which, really, is a horrible thing to think about, that I even have an ‘endangered’ theme. Honey Bees, however, are one of the few species who would cause a horrible change to life if they went extinct.

More information on the A to Z blogging challenge can be found here.

The noise of the Swarm filled the air, a distant metallic buzzing that drifted in from the fields. She shielded her eyes looking out into the horizon. Just at the end of the closest field she could see two or three figures, the Controllers. She hurried past. The noise grated on her.

Compared to the light sound of a fly or the distant calling of a bird you always knew when the Swarm had been released into a farm. They would come every spring to pollinate the crops. Her mother told her that when she was younger there had been insects similar to flies that naturally spread the pollen. While a few insects remained they were wild and nothing like the animal her mother called a ‘Bee’.

She had only ever known the Swarm. It was all she would ever know.

H is for Honey Bee

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