G is for Guppy


I’m late uploading this, so sorry! I don’t even have today’s written yet so that’s going to be late too unfortunately. I’ve been so busy this weekend and I think tomorrow is going to be just as bad, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up tomorrow night. In the meantime, please enjoy this about a man and his pretty fish. It’s part of the A to Z blogging challenge, more details can be found at the website here.

She was beautiful. Her tail petite and bright, with beautiful markings that ran the length of her tail. To his mind she brightened the whole tank. The other fish were small and pretty, but not one could match her elegance. He named her Lady, the only way he could match her smooth motions and colourful stripes.

He had owned a lot of fish over the years, fell in love with some of them. Like most people the pets he kept were restrained to his lifestyle. He had owned a dog when he was younger, well, his parents had. While he was growing up that dog had been his whole world. Now though he was grown and his business kept him in the office for most of the day, often returning past sunset. The fish were all he could keep.

The lamp from the tank lit the room with a deep blue glow. The quiet whirring of the fan and occasional splash of water were loud in the silence of an empty home. Yet, this was peaceful to him, to know that at least there was someone here. Something that would miss him if he didn’t return.

Oh, sure, he had family, but they were far away and he didn’t call as much as he should. Lady was a bright symbol of better things to him. She represented a life that was waiting. A bright home full of colour and maybe a lady of his own. Someone he could care for as he cared for her, someone he would come home earlier to. A life where the room was lit with more than the empty blue of a fish tank.

A life with more in it than a fish tank.

G is for Guppy

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