F is for Fossa


The Fossa is one of the most ancient species found on the island of Madagascar.

“Please! Please I need your help! The humans have taken him.”

She approached the burrow cautiously. It was dark inside, where the moonlight couldn’t penetrate. There was a shuffling and a long, lithe creature uncurled from the depths.

“Humans. Those despicable creatures,” replied a male voice.

“Can you do anything?” She asked, voice and body trembling.

“I’m sorry, my child, if the humans have him there is nothing I can do,” he loomed over her, grey fur and sharp teeth in the darkness.

“Then what will I do?”

“No children? No family?” He asked, circling her slowly.

“We are the only two in this area, like yours we are a solitary species.”

“Come, my child, rest in my burrow.” He nudged the smaller creature towards his home. Yes, the humans had taken most of their land, but good had come of it too. As the eldest species on the island, they were viewed as wise about the humans, and sometimes food came right to their door.

F is for Fossa

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