D is for Dugong


Dugong’s are related to Manatees, but smaller. They live in warm water shallows and are herbivores. I decided that these wonderful creatures would be perfect for my D in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. More information on the challenge as well as the list of participants can be found here :http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

The world was still all so new. It was warm here, with other creatures that passed me by, mother paid them no attention but I couldn’t help myself. Some were so small I had to stare. How could it live? Did it struggle? So small.

One day there was movement ahead of us, something appeared from the surface. A creature unlike anything I had encountered so far. Its tail was split in two, its fins too high up to be of use, it had two heads! One head sat above its fins, the other at the end of them, moving around in a strange and confusing pattern.

I looked to mother. She was watching the new creature with caution but I could tell she was not frightened.

“Mother?” I said, “What is that creature?” Mother nudged me down, so I was behind her. She was staring to move us away from the black shape as it spun its second head wildly.

“I don’t know its name, but I have seen one before. It will not hurt us.” She said, nudging my side to keep me moving. All I wanted to do was look at the creature.

“Can we talk to it? Would it understand like the little ones do?” I murmured to her, Gesturing a fin to the group of glittering little ones not far from us. They seemed to have captures the creature’s interest as it was moving towards them. Its back fins were moving independently, propelling it forward in a strange manner.

“No dear, they don’t understand us. They’re not creatures of our land, they come from the surface.” Mother was watching the creature now too. We were curious about its second head; it had thrust it close to the little ones. They paid it no mind. There were no teeth to be frightened of.

Finally it moved close to us, I peered into its second head and saw a face peering back. Scared, I ran to mother, sheltering under her fin. She laughed at me and spun around so that I could hide better. The creature circled us for a while. It pushed its second face close to mother. She laughed at it and blew bubbles. The creature moved back, I thought it might have been surprised. It was difficult to tell. How did it eat? I could not see a mouth, its second head seemed to have one giant eye but now opening for food.

Mother became bored and led us away.

D is for Dugong

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