C is for Cottontop


Today’s post is C for Cottontop Tamarin. One of, if not the most, endangered primate species on Earth. More details on the A to Z blog challenge can be found at their website.

Dappled sunlight spilt across the floor, decorated with softly spinning leaves that danced to the ground. Far above trees rustled and shifted as small hands and tails grasped branches. The day was warm and slow. A perfect life.

The monkeys called to each other, simple in their language. They were excited about something, but it was no event a human could ever understand.

It was a celebration of spring. They gathered in certain areas, places that looked as ordinary as the rest of the woodland, but to the monkeys it was special. If anyone had cared to look close enough they would have seen small leaves, tiny buds of crisp bright green that were sprouting from the branches. It was welcomed and honoured by the small creatures; passing fingertips close to but never touching the greenery.

Their home had shrunken in the last few years, trees vanishing day by day. Their groups were getting smaller, members of their families going missing.

These new leaves were proof that their home was surviving.

Right now they needed that hope.

C is for Cottontop

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