B is for Bandicoot


The next instalment of the A to Z blogging challenge. This one is featuring a small animal called a Bandicoot, they look pretty similar to rats but they seem to be quite a bit nicer.

They inched forward, whiskers twitching and eyes darting. Their powerful legs propelled them forwards, cutting through the dense undergrowth with ease. Wind whistled past carrying the scent of prey with it. Her tail twitched.

They moved as one; within moments they claimed victory. Around them other creatures suffered the same fate, filling the air with the sound of leaves rustling and squeals of the unlucky. This was their world, bathed in moonlight, alive with sound. They were the creatures of the night, united with others, all existing, all living, in the same space.

Their food was plentiful, feeding the young growing in her belly. Small but powerful, they took a moment to feel. The vibrations on their sensitive whiskers, the rumble of life underfoot, scents that pushed against their delicate noses.

Then in the distance the beat changed, panic, strong and disconcerting. It changed the rhythm of the night. It changed them. They had been predators this night but now they were prey. Safety was beyond them, past the danger. With no other choice, they turned and fled.

Danger drew closer.




They split up. She went left. He went right. She circled and danced. A confusing trail for anyone following. The wind was on her side, blowing up from the right, hiding her scent.

Behind her the night air was filled with cries and shuts. A howl of victory. A whimper of pain. She could not stop. She could not wait. She scurried towards safety, staying close to the ground.

Home was safe.

Home was quiet.

Home was empty.

As dawn lit the sky the only company she had was that in her belly.

B is for Bandicoot

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