A is for Abyssinian


I’m late but officially doing the Blogging from A to Z challenge! Wish me luck!

The first letter is A and with it comes some adventure.

Stone glistened in the afternoon sun, small crystals embedded in its surface reflecting the light and casting rainbows that echoed along the hall. Tiny paws pattered along the cool tile floor, mindless of the suffocating heat that had trapped the castle’s occupants to their lounge chairs and cool pools. There was a distant crash as a servant in the kitchens discovered his hard work of the morning.

He turned into the opening on the left of the corridor, heading straight across the wide opening to jump onto a plush pillow where he curled himself into a ball facing the servant’s entrance. Not long after a maid entered, carrying a gleaming silver platter overloaded with meat, fruits, cheeses and other delicacies.

“What was that awful noise?” His human said, holding a hand up to stop the servants waving palm leaves in her face. The servant glanced toward him. If he had been a human he would be whistling innocently, as it was he simple flicked his tail.

“His grace has left us another gift. We are honoured to discover just how well his hunting skills have developed.” The servant said, her eyes to the floor.

“Thank you, you may leave.” The servant set her plate down on a nearby table and disappeared through the doorway. His human rose gracefully from her lounge chair, garments rustling as they moved. He flicked his ear in the direction of a birds call but continued watching her approach.

“Gods should know better.” She chastised, tickling his chin in just the right place to start the rumbling in his chest. “Especially you, after all you have been here since a birth. I think you take advantage of being the God’s messenger to taunt the servants.” He gave her his best ‘Who? me?’ look, but her stern face told him he had not gotten away with it. Her eyes, however, told him the truth, she found it just as funny as she had when he was just a kitten and still bringing her the treats he now left in the kitchen.

“High Priestess! The Pharaoh requires your presence immediately. There has been a discovery on the bank of the river.” Another servant said from the main doorway, his human sighed and left him after one final stroke. He stretched out across the pillow, enjoying the warmth of the sun.

I just thought I would share that ‘Abyssinian’ is a type of cat, they are thought to be one of the first types of cats to be domesticated. They were treated as messengers of the gods in Ancient Egypt and that’s what this story is based on. I hope you enjoyed it, even though it’s very short.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the A to Z blogging challenge this is the link to their website: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/


A is for Abyssinian

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