So I’ve just found out about a thing called Blogging from A to Z, where each day in April (except Sundays) you have to write a post based on a letter of the alphabet. It can be anything, be in a story, a review, a photo, poetry, a recipe, whatever your blog is about basically. Now I’m considering doing it, especially with this blog because I want to get back into writing, I was really lax about it last year and I don’t want this year to be the same.

It sounds like a good challenge really, and I know a lot of people have taken part. Of course, by the time April rolls around I need to remember that I’ve decided to do it! Is anyone else taking part? I’d love to know some of your ideas.

I’m thinking that I will theme my alphabet, maybe to something for a future story, or perhaps I will choose names and create a character or place for each name. Something to help with world building for future stories. There’s a lot of options, I just need to narrow them all down! And I want to make a plan so that I have something to stick to, and something to work towards. Goals!

We’ll see how it goes…