Review: The Martian

Film review of The Martian starring Matt Damon.

This is really late for considering the length of time that the film has been out, plus I actually watched the film a few weeks ago so I really should have wrote it then. Never mind though, I’m writing it now.

So overall, I loved the film. I think that there were some excellent one liners and Matt Damon’s character was easily accessible. One thing that I’m really glad about was seeing the different options that were constantly being explored by the characters.

Watching one man struggle through those months would have been horrifying and, dare I say it, boring. Thankfully though, we watched as those on Earth mourned him and then watched with bated breath as the crew saved him. I especially enjoyed the scenes where thousands of people around the world flocked to well known landmarks like Times Square to watch the crew save him. Maybe it’s just me being pessimistic but if this actually happened I’m almost certain that people’s daily lives wouldn’t stop, and they certainly wouldn’t all be stood freezing outside when nearly everyone has access to news channels in some form or another.

Anyway, for a film that was scientifically out of date before it was even released, it was very good. I was quite impressed by the special effects. Sometimes, even with Hollywood blockbusters the CGI can take over until you start doubting whether even the actors are real. But this seemed to be more of a realistic set and interactive technology that helped the world building aspect of the film.

I also like films that have subtle romance plots, as we get between two of the crew members. Things like this help to make the film feel more natural, as it’s very rare that people go around bragging about their relationship and having sex on every surface they can find. They get a sweet ending that helps to give the storyline closure.

One of the critiques I did have about the film was that apart from the beginning few days, we don’t really get to see what kind of impact being alone on a deserted planet has on Matt Damon. He plays it excellently, but you would expect more mental trauma. I almost expected him to either be terrified of crowds due to the silence of Mars, or for him to loathe being in a quiet area. However, none of this is ever explored.

As for physical trauma, I don’t know about you but If I’m not around people I tend not to talk aloud. The only time we see Matt Damon talking is to the computer, so would there not be any damage to his vocal chords? He’s also seriously malnourished by the time he is rescued, but when we see him later there are no side effects. The next time we see him on Earth he’s a fully functional member of society. Really? There’s no need to see a therapist, a doctor, someone? OK.

Sure the film ends with a little joke as he’s teaching the next gen of astronauts but I would have loved for it to make a little nod to him being damaged or changed by his experience. We do get closure for the full crew, seeing them settle back into their normal lives, but there’s nothing to suggest that anyone has learnt from the mistakes made.

Overall, I did really like the film. It’s just that after I found myself left with more questions than answers.

Review: The Martian

4 thoughts on “Review: The Martian

  1. Loved the review. I watched it later than you did but I appreciate a weighted opinion. I was asked by some of my readers to read the actual novel and not just watch the film and it’s on my desk, waiting for a long lazy Saturday morning in a coffee shop. I am enjoying our blog. I am looking out for your posts. Warm wishes. xo

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